Our fully-engineered roof insulation system is the ONLY system that has...
  • Continuous Aluminum Roof Panels 
  • Full Length Ridge Vent with Ridge Cap
10 reasons to call ThermalMAX from Roof King
 1. Permanent protection from leaks and structural damage.
 2. Never ever roof coat again!
 3. No more roof noise!
 4. Your comfort level drastically increases.
 5. Keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
 6. Beautifies your home and increases your personal pride.
 7. Saves on Heating and Cooling Bills!
 8. Meets the Southern Standard Building Code.
 9. Exceeds the Northern States Code.
10. You can become one of our many, many Roof King happy, and satisfied owners

Before and After

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Metal Roofing is the Better Answer

  My roof needs to be replaced, but Im looking for a roofing product that will look nicer and last longer.  Is there a better answer?

A: Yes. Metal roofing is quickly becoming the answer to this problem, especially with homeowners who are fed up with the short life of ... MORE>>>

Q:  Wont a metal roof make my house hotter in the summer?

A: It depends on the metal. Steel will absorb and transfer the heat of the sun, but not all metals do. Aluminum, for example, reflects radiant heat; thats why NASA uses aluminum to... MORE>>>

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